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"Between then and now, something shifted. After our second phone conversation and our 90-minute session, I could feel your energy through the phone. I am both honored and excited to be moving forward!"

Amanda L. 
Founder & CEO

"Jerrell is passionate and an advocate for gender and racial equality. He possesses a gift for energizing and motivating others and leads by example. Successful leaders are those individuals of immense purpose. Jerrell stands tall among them."

Vira E.
HR Professional 

"My favorite part of working with Jerrell was his listening to my needs and providing creative solutions with room for me to think and plan strategically.  Jerrell has great listening skills and does a great job at identifying areas for improvement and providing feedback that can be applied ASAP!" 

Latesha B.
Founder & CEO

"Jerrell’s a gifted coach and leader. He is listens intently, asks the right questions, thinks critically and exhibits a refreshing authenticity and true desire to see others be successful. Very grateful for his support!"

Adeola O.
Healthcare Executive
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